Fast and Robust
Circular Object Detection
with Probabilistic Pairwise Voting

Lili Pan, Wen-Sheng Chu, Jason M. Saragih, Fernando De la Torre and Mei Xie

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(a) Detecting circular objects in natural images

(b) Localizing iris in face images


  • Accurate and efficient detection of circular objects in images is a challenging computer vision problem. Existing circular object detection methods can be broadly classified into two categories:
    1. Hough Transform based: robust to noise, however the computational complexity and memory requirement are high.
    2. Maximum likelihood (ML) estimation based: more computationally efficient but sensitive to noise, and cannot detect multiple circles (e.g., robust least squares fitting).

  • This letter proposes Probabilistic Pairwise Voting (PPV), a fast and robust algorithm for circular object detection based on an extension of Hough Transform. The main contributions are three fold:
    1. We formulate the problem of circular object detection as finding the intersection of lines in the three dimensional parameter space (i.e. center and radius of the circle).
    2. We propose a probabilistic pairwise voting scheme to robustly discover circular objects under occlusion, image noise and moderate shape deformations.
    3. We use a mode-finding algorithm to efficiently find multiple circular objects.

  • We demonstrate the benefits of our approach on two real-world problems: (a) detecting circular objects in natural images, and (b) localizing iris in face images.




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