Download IntraFace (Live)

1. Download MCR R2012a: [winx64] [linux coming soon]
2. Download IntraFace (Live) v1.2: [The new version of IntraFace will be released soon.]

What should I do to run IntraFace (Live)?

Follow these simple steps:
1. Download and Install MCR R2012a from the download section above.
IMPORTANT: Although you have Matlab installed, you need to install MCR R2012a version.
2. Download IntraFace (Live) from the download section above and decompress the package.
3. Once the package is decompressed, execute IntraFace_Live.exe.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the folder where you decompressed IntraFace doesn't need ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONS to modify its content. If so, you have to execute IntraFace in ADMINISTRATOR MODE!
ATTENTION: The first time you execute IntraFace, it is going to take some time (about 60 seconds). The next times, it will be around 15 seconds to start.